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I'm a Pro Domme Mistress with over 8 years real time experience. My time is valuable and you will pay dearly for it. To begin, you call me, message me, or email me. The world of 'fetish and kinks' is broad and I will quickly find out what makes you tick. I have a lot of experience in many areas. If you think you are into something different, I welcome the challenge. I DON'T play games, so you get one opportunity to share and do as you are told. Just because you may be a LOSER isn't an excuse to fail. I only have time for those who come to me looking for someone who understands them and wants to explore their fantasies and fetishes. This isn't my hobby. This is my lifestyle. I'm here for the weak and addicted who don't want to be cured, but need a true professional who understands them and their fetish. I'm professional, discreet and addictive. When you contact me, you walk into my world and yours will never be the same!

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Too shy to talk? Cat got your tongue..lol This is your opportunity to eaves drop into MY world with just a call. I am a very busy Domme. I would NEVER have the time of day for a guy like you UNLESS you could PAY DEARLY. So because you are such a needy LOSER you can have this small glimpse into MY lifestyle. Take your chance and maybe you can hear ME getting ready in the bathroom, out to lunch with friends, shopping, lounging by the pool, in a busy airport as I catch MY next flight to somewhere you won't be enjoying. The one thing you can be sure about is I won't be paying ANY attention to you as you hang on the line.

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