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- I'm busy sunning, shopping and getting this website updated. The site will feature NiteFlirt ONLY payment options so if you don't already have a NiteFlirt account get one NOW and fund it. I will have options for you to IM Me, Phone Me, Email Me, buy My pictures and Spoil Me with My new Amazon wish list!

- WOW! I've been SLAMMED, but in a good way! I have had massive traffic to MY site since returning and MY web slave has had little sleep. That's fine with him. He works STRICTLY for ASS and PANTY Worship!

Look for all the changes and additions. Everyone who's tried the Pay to View pictures LOVES them! There are some VERY naughty UP CLOSE pictures. I love hearing back from you AFTER your purchase telling ME how you made a slideshow with them to have some HOT 'worshipping' and 'wanking' material. Making them your screensaver, etc.

I have adopted a new dog. I'm introducing you to STRYKER. STRYKER is just getting ALL of his 'doggie' stuff; studded/spiked collar, heavy metal chain, and this for training. He will be getting STRICT dog training and learn how to make ME proud. I will be training him for protecting, obedience and loyalty. Can't u see him now on all fours on a taunt leash, at MY side at a FETISH BALL?

- I'm back! I've been in Europe (Ireland, Wales, London and Munich) the past 4 months. I have a long list of loyal clients/slaves/subs that I did real time sessions and extensive shopping with.

It pays to be loyal and consistent, as I will ONLY meet with online contacts that do so.

I'm posting a few pictures here. Below this entry is what a LOSER looks like. His name is Mr. Arnie from Ohio. He thought he could reintroduce himself after years of sharing photos and telling ME about needing a new Mistress. Obviously the last one didn't teach him. My time is NEVER free. If he wants these pictures down he will rethink his approach. That applies to u as well, donnatello in Scotland.

Keep your eyes on MY website as u will see additions coming soon! Too many subs out there that have been without 24/7 cock control. Pull out your credit card and spoil your Mistress!

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(Journal Archive Below)

- Attention all subbies and slaves: My first day up and running with my new website proved to be very rewarding. Special thanks goes to my "little scrotum bag" in Southern California for adopting my mortgage payment. He has been a loyal little money slut for just over a year now. A special mention goes out to Bradley in Oregon, my starving student who emptied his piggy bank early this morning for me. Goes to show, even a college student can make sacrifices to worship his Goddess.

- I've been overwhelmed by the response to my website! All the tributes and calls for worship are certainly appreciated. Be sure when you tribute to include your name. I've had a few anonymous donations. You know who you are but, I would like to recognize you in my journal. I'll be heading to Hawaii for 5 days on Monday the 17th. So, any tributes before then will help make my vacation even more enjoyable. Keep 'em coming. SPOIL ME!

- I'm back from Hawaii! Thanks to all the sluts and slaves who made my trip possible. I'll be posting some pics soon of some of the tributes and gifts all of you have sent me. Now, get to work and earn your Mistress some more money!

- Here's the pics I mentioned in my last entry. These guys know how to spoil their Mistress!. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Thanks guys! Your gifts are appreciated. Now, get back to work!

- "Sweet Simon" in NYC has adopted my monthly entertainment expenses. Thank you, Simon . I will be going to New Mexico to pick up my new Platinum Burmese kitten today. Here's something for you to look at in the meantime.

- Mr. Spencer, I'm impressed with your desire to become my personal assistant. You have much to prove.

- Michael, you know Drake and Gregg have monster arms and you'll never be the man that they are. Keep dreaming!

- Chris a.k.a. Alexandriasatmslut , has adopted my water bill. You know you must work harder to pay more. I know you will. Thank you Chris . Make sure you're doing your homework.

- Brad, it's been six days. Remember, no touching without my permission.

- Thank you Brad for adopting my electric bill. Brad has also paid a $350 "release tax". You need to contact me.

- It is a small world isn't it, Danny, a.k.a. footlovingmoneyslave . My college student has paid a release fee and is also excited about taking photos of his Mistress's former home in the UK. I will post these photos as soon as he provides them.

- "zero" , my devoted moneyslave in Sweden has paid my car insurance and cable TV/internet bills. He is working hard to pay them all and realizes he has to do without to please his Mistress.

- My "little scrotum bag" in Southern California can't pay my mortgage for several months and feels terrible about it. This bill has opened up again and is up for grabs!

- Michael , Drake & Gregg are the best. You'll never have guns like them! Measure theirs then measure yours. See what I mean?

- Oh my pathetic little "zero" strikes again! My devoted Swedish moneyslave was caught at his summer vacation home in Djura. He claimed to be working hard for me while getting away, lol. This poor, weak soul has paid my car payment this month, along with adopting 2 other bills of mine... He is weak and will be used to the fullest extent. He is increasing his spending limits as I type this. I must also announce that he visits my site numerous times a day to stare and worship my pics and masturbate! I own you, kneel at my feet.

- Here's what Jared had to say two days ago: "Just wanted to let you know that i am on my way to go make money for you. Wanted to thank you for stepping all over me last night and taking more of my money. If I am on tonight I hope you can ruin me some more. Your devoted pathetic slave." This shoe licking money slave has my foot resting on his pathetic neck. Get back to work Jared !

- I know it's been a while since my last journal entry. I've been really busy! I figured I should take time to show you all a few pics of some things that have arrived at my doorstep over the last couple of weeks. My UPS guy has been real busy. Look at this nice pair of Elini New Yorker's. Check out this nice cash spread.

- A notable mention to my new money slave "bestslave" in Istanbul, Turkey who I am teaching to work smarter, not harder.

- My car payment, car insurance, and cable TV/internet bills have opened back up. I don't expect these to be available too long, so serve your Mistress by adopting one or more of these bills!

- My "Cock Whore Chris" in Cleveland is busy seeking out studs in his area to earn money for me. He has also adopted my telephone bill and wishes to "climb the bill ladder" all the way to the top. This slut is eager to please!

- My newest moneyslut Michael Allen in Seattle has adopted my mortgage payment. He soooo wants to be MY cuck.... he has a lot to prove before he cums close to filling that role.

- A special shout out to MY foot worshiper in the UK (yes, you) for taking his girlfriend's hard earned money and giving it to ME! Hey! You have to obey your cock! I drained him and put him in a chastity device. Hurts so good, doesn't it sweetie? Btw... when does she get her next paycheck?

- Oh my little "zero" in Sweden is back on track! He has adopted my gas and water bills. He works naked 7 days a week for me with my pantyhose stuffed in his mouth. Yes, he works at home.

- A Brit payslut has broken all the rules! "DesitituteDrainedDan" was so desperate to please ME that he used his flatmate's cash to pay for MY shopping spree yesterday.

- My "SouthernBoy" in Texas has paid MY car insurance this month. His southern charm and money earned him some exclusive pantyhose pics of ME. No doubt he had a hard time sleeping last night.

- I am receiving multiple envelopes with cash in the mail. Please , when you send cash, make sure you identify yourself somehow so I am able to recognize you in my journal.

- My little "zero" in Sweden has made the mi$take of throwing his money away on another mistress to the point of bankruptcy. In light of that, my gas and water bills are available again and up for grabs! A bankrupt money slave is good to no one. I would have left you some money, my little "zero".

- Here's a little something that explains a lot about me! LMAO!

- I know it is way overdue ...... this journal entry is to recognize some very loyal subs/slaves. WOW.... a big thank you to MY UPS man !! He worked extremely hard delivering all the goodies from worshippers around the world. He has a foot fetish and I would allow a kiss on MY bare feet with every delivery (so he thanks you too). To MR. "K" in Los Angeles, I received a 10 day cruise for 2 to the Hawaiian Islands. "FOOTFIEND" a $2,000 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus. "D" for the 3 day trip to Napa Valley for wine tasting, balloon ride and spa treatment. "Legman" sent ME a $750 Victoria Secrets gift card to spoil MYself with pantyhose and other intimates. Tom in Denver who has paid in full for MYself and 3 girlfriend's to fly to Telluride and stay at his mountain home and ski and shop for 5 days. Mark knows how I love a great relaxing massage and pedicure. He gave ME a year pass to "Canyon Ranch". Michael Allen who has adopted MY mortgage for all of 2010... thanks Mikee . All of the money slaves (Bob, Jeff, Scott, William... and Pantyman) who paid off MY credit cards so I could shop without worries. A special hello to MY college sub outside of San Fransisco who worked tirelessly at the front desk of a gym to give ME every dollar and put him in chastity. I will be posting some of his drawings in MY journal.

- For all MY pets, slaves, pathetic losers and true worshippers out there that check to see MY latest journal entries to see what I'm doing, what I'm buying with all the money being thrown at MY feet., who are under lock and key, who are working two jobs just to pay MY bills and keep ME in the sexiest shoes, sending ME to the best day spas and all the shopping trips and vacations....here are some journal entries:

- I have gone back into the studio and had some more pictures taken, some of which will be used on various pantyhose websites. I have been bombarded with requests to have a gallery of MY pictures put on MY website. I'm considering it. Of course you'll have to pay out the A$$ to get access to them!!

*** WARNING *** Don't even bother messaging ME if you can't afford to spoil ME.

- I will be taking the 10 day cruise to Hawaii (given as a Christmas gift) the end of May. I was thinking of taking a friend along, but I have decided to make it a little more interesting. I will be taking a sub of MINE that has been loyal to ME for over a year. He'll draw MY bath, turn down MY bed, but he will sleep on the floor of MY cabin. When he isn't of any use to ME, he will be locked in the cabin wearing his cb3000. The best part is that he has never been there, and he'll not even see Hawaii when he goes on this cruise!!! LOL

- This journal entry was written by MY shopping whore Ronnie:

Today Mistress's shopping whore bought her items to help take care of her special cats while she is away enjoying herself in Hawaii. Shopping whore is special and will be used often to buy his Mistress many things that she desires. It is his life now to spend money on his Mistress so that she has everything she desires. For years and years this shopping whore will be used for his Mistress's pleasure.

Now all of you wannabe money slaves could really learn a lot from shopping whore Ronnie. He takes ME shopping online and even writes his own journal entry.

- Check out MY new pay piggy. This is piggyjane in the United Kingdom. We'll learn more about piggyjane as time goes by.

- Attention all! Slave-maid Craig has written a story about his first experience serving. What he reports shouldn't be surprising. Everyone should be able to look back into their school years and remember a female who used what she had to get what she wanted. My ability to do this went back to very early childhood in the lap of MY Dad. He could never say "no" to his PRINCESS. Ahhhh, close your mouths and make yourself useful....get back to work!!

*** Story by Slave-maid Craig ***

Mistress Angie,

Last night you asked me to describe in writing an early experience in slavery that I had. I mentioned that I was once a slave in high school. I was a slave to a senior girl my freshman year, one of many she had. I think in all she had at least 7 male slaves, 3 female slaves and at least a couple of teachers under her thumb. All of us worked for her in various ways--we did her homework, laundry, washed her car, her dog and so on. I wasn't there the first three years she was, but I was told that she didn't do one homework assignment the entire time she was there.

This was my first real experience as a submissive and slave. I actually went to her and asked if I could be of any service, she was that powerful. She didn't have to recruit slaves, and actually made slaves outbid each other to do the most menial tasks just to get her attention. This was also my first experience in financial slavery, to an extent. Each of us had to do whatever we could to win her attention and we fought like cats and dogs. She could do anything she wanted and get away with it. Each time we did something she had another thing on us and in high school, you don't want dirt getting out. Most of the time, we would have done whatever she said anyway though.

She was one of a group of dominant girls who used us. They had their own secret hierarchy and all in the end reported to her. Their goal was to go off to college and continue using slaves. One male slave was even forced to go to the same school with another of the hierarchy despite having a scholarship to a Big Ten school. They must have had some major dirt on him.

Three things put me over the top when it came to realizing how much I wanted to be a slave forever. First, the day I asked if I could be of service, she came to my house and we went into my room. I stood there and she told me to strip. I just looked at her dazed. Immediately, she kicked me as hard as she could in the balls and I fell to the ground screaming in pain. She took a seat on my bed as I was rolling around and after a few minutes, she said "get up, now." I couldn't do anything but obey her. I wanted to cuss her out--she came over to my house and out of the blue said strip, and when I didn't right away, she just kicked me in the balls. But I just got right up, knees buckling and looked at her. She said "strip to your underwear and stand there." I did it as fast as I could. I started getting hard, despite the pain. What she did next took me over the edge. She stood up, slowly removed my underwear and looked at me in the eyes and told me that whenever I was in her presence out side of school and indoors, I would never be wearing a thing. I was speechless. "I own you now" she said. She did. I had to pay her $500 to be her slave and I had no money at all....just $50 in my wallet and a jar of change. So to make up for it, she went around my room finding things for me to give her. She would see a hockey jersey and say $5.00...my stereo system...$25.00....when it was all said and done, nearly everything in my room was gone. And I had to give her the $50 as a gift. I took everything to her car. I learned that day I was powerless, and her slaves suffered for her because they wanted to. I wasn't upset at all. I actually was turned on by being dominated that way.

The second thing that happened was something she did to a female slave. One day, the slave was given a very expensive diamond tennis bracelet as a gift from her parents. Within 24 hours, not only was the bracelet on the wrist of her "owner", she had stripped in front of us all and got on her knees to give it to her. The amazing thing is, she wasn't ordered to strip. She did it because as she was told to hand over the bracelet, she felt she had to do it...like some force was making her do so. I couldn't believe my eyes.

The final thing was the most incredible of all. She MADE a female teacher her slave. She just decided with her domme friends that she would hand pick a young female teacher and force her to do whatever she wanted. This female teacher would end up doing everything she wanted and was even made to follow her to college and get a teaching job close by. This was the first experience I ever had (or knew about) with forced slavery. Some people would find that unusually cruel and of course illegal. I thought it was amazing and incredibly, her right to do whatever she wanted. That is how hooked I was.

When she graduated, each of us were released but the feeling never wore off. Years later, I would serve someone real time for 3 years as a money slave, working and making 75k a year for her along with another slave. We paid for her college, did her term papers and research and anything else you can imagine. I will say this....anyone who possesses the power to not only have slaves, but to have slaves come to them and beg to be allowed to work and give them everything deserves just that. It amazes me. And I cannot wait to have the chance to do it again.......

- Make sure you all look at MY bills page. There's some that have opened up and some others that have been adopted. Don't miss your chance!

- Below is a journal entry by a slave I've named bob (he is the CEO of a company on the West coast). He forgot to mention that he is turning over all his bonuses to ME.

*** Journal entry by smoke slave and panty maid bob ***


i wrote this intro for YOUR journal after performing my panty, ash and cig butt ritual for the day. i am wearing YOUR dark ping thongs today, the 4th of July. i should be wearing red as i salute my independence from my controlling ways and accept to be molded into the slave and property YOU want me to be. i could have mentioned the morning rituals, shaved balls, lying, sneaking around, panty wearing, etc that YOU have me doing but i wasn't sure YOU would want all others to see those things YOU have me doing am somewhat nervous as i write this entry for my Mistress's Journal as YOU know i like to keep a low profile due to my situation, but i will because YOU have asked me as YOUR financial slave to do so. i have written YOU several poems that are not professional or significantly literary in any fashion but do come from my heart and are a way to demonstrate the intense emotions and feelings i have for YOU that have been flooding my mind and body on a 24/7 basis for the past several months. They are YOURS to do with as YOU please. i must openly admit that although i realize our relationship is purely financial, i can not help but have "other" feelings and desires as i gaze upon YOUR heavenly face, eyes, lips, hair and body, and my poems reflect some of my fantasies. I know i should not have these thoughts and i know they will not come true but the desires remain. YOU are indeed a GODDESS and my Superior. YOU are a powerful WOMAN who is motivating me to do things in my life and take risks for YOU that i would never have even thought i would consider doing, let alone actually do. i have never been in a relationship like this as i am usually a very controlling man but there is something about YOU that makes me throw all caution to the wind and expose myself and my inner most thoughts and desires. It's as if YOU can see straight through me and know what it is i need to be fulfilled and complete as YOUR man servant. i must to give myself to YOU completely to become YOUR property.. for YOUR purposes and doing so, because of my situation is very difficult and challenging but i know it is what i must do. It will take some time to work through the details. I realize that our "relationship" is ALL about true worship of YOU, serving and obeying YOU, pleasing YOU and working hard to support YOU financially. I will continue to strive to be better in all areas and be faithful to that effort so that YOU are pleased with me as YOUR slave. I need YOU in my life and i desperately need the completeness YOU give me by serving and worshipping YOU.

Faithfully in worship and service to YOU,

smoke slave and panty maid bob

- This next entry is from a college student that begs to hear MY voice at any hour. Little does he know I put him on speaker phone and let MY girlfriends hear his voice quiver and crack as he listens to MY commands!!!

*** Journal entry by Dan ***

Dear Mistress A,

Thank you so much for talking to me again after I had been away so long. I desperately want to be your money slave every time I look at your pictures. Your statuesque body and golden blonde hair make me quiver. I want to worship every inch of your long sultry legs. I want to be underneath the glass heels looking up at perfection. I work all day just for the hope that maybe you will call my phone that I gave you and you will laugh at me while I work for you, and only you. All my money goes to you, every cent, and I love it. I am so happy every time you talk to me. Please call me and demand me to work harder for you whenever you are bored, or need a laugh, and thank you so much again for your time. Dan

- Ahhhhhhh! Mid-month payday and everyone's rushing to give it ALL TO ME! Gregory in Arizona Tributed $100 and adopted My electricity bill. He's brand new and has a military background. My favorite comment of his, "The military should pay me more so I can pay YOU more." John Blue Balls in Florida maxed out one credit card on ME and broke in a new one as well. After speaking to Me three times on the phone (he couldn't get enough), he couldn't go to sleep, was totally humiliated and will be going job-hunting tomorrow for a second job so he can adopt My car payment. Even after spending $375 on Me tonight, I still wouldn't allow him to cum! And, one of My favorite money slaves has returned. My Little Buggie in Istanbul, who has been missing for over a year, recently got married in May but contacted Me tonight and begged for Me to take him back. I did, but it wasn't cheap! He Tributed $200 and adopted My telephone bill. Squashed just like the bug he is!

- Hey LittleDick ! Just because you're famous, doesn't mean you'll get any freebies here. And let this be a warning to all! It doesn't matter who you are and how much money you have, the thing to remember is that it's ALL ABOUT ME!

- smoke slave bob will get his "worship package" in the mail by this weekend. He is showing his dedication daily and quickly learning what it takes to truly "please" Me. My voice hypnotizes him and makes him do things that take him to the edge. We had quite the adventure yesterday at lunch.... always pull over, and never try to talk to ME while in traffic!

- Here's a self-composed journal entry from natureboy : I am writing this to tell you all of what my mistress has done for me and what I have been through to get to speak and serve her. I was working at a full time job but only receiving part time wages. I could not afford to speak with her due to lack of funds. She encouraged me and with her orders and pushing I did just as she told me. I desired to serve her so badly I went out and got a job where I will be able to serve her. Although it will be a couple of weeks till I can, thanks to her, I will soon be able to obey her and do as she says. And I owe it all to her. Thank you mistress for everything you have done and will do.

- Well, since My last journal entry, I have received over $15,000 in Tributes! A notable mention to My sitface slave in Stamford, CT who has gone all out and adopted My Car Payment, Car Insurance and has made numerous other Tributes at the same time. ALL OF YOU can learn from this money slave who, by all means, knows his place. On a lesser note, The smallest Tribute I've received was from MY footfreak in the UK in the amount of $75. He's a needy little bitch who wants too much for free. BAD BOY! Those of you who Tribute regularly know what's going on in My life. Those of you who just "hawk" on My journal shouldn't hold your breath. You'll suffocate!

- Hey Everybody! Tomorrow is MY footfreak in the UK's birthday! He will be 23; so young and inexperienced. He just now sacrificed his birthday money to ME. He's learning.

- Chad in TX has adopted MY monthly water bill. He knows his sole purpose in life is to make ME happy. He knows his place (at MY feet looking up) and has vowed to work hard to please ME. He believes he can be very good for ME. Only time will tell, lol.

- David W. in the UK has adopted MY monthly phone bill. He's a young accountant trainee who feels the need to be controlled and believes being controlled financially is the ultimate. How right he is! David has been ordered to dump his girlfriend and shave his tiny cocklette for further training.

- My footfreak in the UK has adopted MY monthly pedicure bill. Isn't he such a sweety? He was supposed to go out with his girlfriend tonight and sacrificed his night out for My beautiful feet!

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